Calibration and Certification

We offer calibration services on fixed equipment. Our technicians well trained from Emerson, VAF,Hanla and other OEM are competent to handle or servicing and repairs for fire detection and monitoring devices. We offer annual servicing for automation and instruments

Following are the fixed equipment we offer servicing on:

- Radar Tank level Gauging [ Trained Service Engineer for SAAB Tank & Hanla]

- Ballast Tank Level [ Trained Service Engineer for SF Control ]

- Oil Discharge Monitoring System[Trained Service Engineer for KSB and VAF]

- High and Overfill Alarm

- Oil Mist Detector [ Trained Service Engineer for Kidde and Schaller Automation]

- O2 Analyzer for IG System

- 15 ppm Bilge alarm[ Trained Service Engineer for BilegMon & Rivertrace]

- Fixed Gas detection system

- Gas sampling system

- Breathing air compressor air quality test.